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Virtual Reality

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Five VR game genres to watch this year

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CNN launches global VR journalism unit and new 360-degree mobile content

PS VR's Aim gun controller will launch in May, according to Farpoint developer

AxonVR’s haptic box made a tiny deer dance on the palm of my hand

LG’s new headset is basically an HTC Vive, with an awesome flip-up screen

Acer’s Windows Holographic headset will ship to developers this month

Oculus Rift and Touch are now $200 cheaper

Google has shipped over 10 million Cardboard VR headsets

The five most interesting Oculus games at GDC

HTC’s Vive Deluxe Audio Strap is coming in June for $99.99

Sony's Playstation VR sales have been stronger than expected

Oscar nominee Patrick Osborne on Pearl: ‘I wish I could make every film in VR first’

Samsung and Oculus made a controller for the Gear VR

ZeniMax is trying to stop Oculus from selling Rift headsets and VR games

New Google VR short takes a look at racial identity

Google filmmaker makes VR video mash-up of ‘90s Weather Channel footage and Kenny G

Qualcomm announces new VR headset, Leap Motion partnership, and accelerator program

A Google mixed reality experiment puts a fake face on top of your VR headset

Google’s incredible Tilt Brush VR app is now on Oculus Rift

Samsung’s incubator lab is getting seriously into virtual and augmented reality

The next Gear VR might have a handheld controller

IMAX’s first virtual reality arcade is here and it is beautiful

UK hospital uses VR to ease kids’ nerves before an MRI

HTC is reportedly launching a mobile VR headset this year

Microsoft just released a video-capture hack for HoloLens

Tim Cook says augmented reality is ‘a big idea like the smartphone’