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Watch a Delta IV rocket launch a communications satellite for the military tonight

The myth of the ‘harmless’ volcano and other thoughts on yesterday's Mt. Etna explosion

Trump’s biggest budget cuts to NASA: ranked

SpaceX is pushing hard to bring the internet to space

Boaty McBoatface’s heroic journey to Antarctica begins today

The tale of boaty mcboatface

Fighting climate change isn’t a ‘waste of money’ — it’s a good investment

Terrifying volcanic explosion captured by BBC crew

An ancient memorization strategy might cause lasting changes to the brain

Trump’s budget is very bad news for science research

Trump’s plan to weaken fuel standards seen as blow to the environment

Trump's NASA budget cancels Europa lander and Asteroid Redirect Mission

Get uncomfortably close to an active volcano in this latest Google Street View

Google’s DeepMind made ‘inexcusable’ errors handling UK health data, says report

You can now watch these declassified nuclear test movies on YouTube

Smoggy in Beijing? A lack of Arctic sea ice may be to blame

To keep the Great Barrier Reef alive, the oceans must be cooler

Trump’s plan to roll back Obama’s fuel economy rules for cars, explained

If you live in Asia, your bedbug traps might be useless


SpaceX wins its second Air Force launch contract, beating out the United Launch Alliance

SpaceX successfully launched a communications satellite on its Falcon 9 rocket

Scientists need money so they’re yelling on Twitter

Bill Nye has a few tips for President Trump on how to manage NASA

Kids' risk of diabetes rises with too much screen time

CBO confirms that the GOP plan to replace Obamacare would cripple public health

People are asking futurists if humans will one day swim as fast as sharks

Apple's ResearchKit generates reliable health data — at least for asthma patients

The Oatmeal launched a write-in campaign to reintroduce grizzly bears to the North Cascades

Are you a spaceflight company? You may want to rethink your logo

An Ebola vaccine trial yields promising results for protecting wild primates

People are having less sex — maybe because of all our screen time

Daylight Saving Time is hot garbage

It started as a joke

Archaeologists discovered a massive statue of one of Egypt’s greatest rulers

As much as I wish someone had poisoned Jane Austen, she probably just had cataracts

A message from Tumblr’s CEO and Planned Parenthood’s president: tech leaders must support women’s health care

Google’s AI subsidiary turns to blockchain technology to track UK health data

Bone-inspired steel could make our buildings stronger

Explore the International Space Station in VR right now

What type of food does this adorable little moon of Saturn look like to you?

EPA chief clings to his own fantasy by denying overwhelming evidence on CO2 and climate change