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Uber is using in-app podcasts to dissuade Seattle drivers from unionizing

Alphabet’s Waymo asks judge to block Uber from using self-driving car secrets

Lyft says it’s expanding to new US cities faster than expected

Uber will stop ‘greyballing’ government regulators

Didi beat Uber in China and now it's opening an R&D center on its turf

Famed Jeep hacker Charlie Miller is on board

Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb condemn Trump’s revised immigration ban

Can Uber be saved from itself?

Uber used an elaborate secret program to hide from government regulators

Uber loses challenge over English language tests for London drivers

Uber concedes to DMV, says it will apply for self-driving permit in California

Amex Platinum cardholders will get $200 in free Uber rides every year

Uber CEO says he will seek leadership help after video shows him yelling at driver

Uber’s CEO caught being a jerk on camera by one of his own drivers

Uber dismissed warnings about its illegal self-driving test for months, emails show

A self-driving Uber ran a red light last December, contrary to company claims

Uber calls Waymo’s lawsuit alleging stolen self-driving tech ‘baseless’

Female Uber employees tell Travis Kalanick to recognize the company has a ‘systemic problem’

Alphabet's Waymo sues Uber for allegedly stealing self-driving car secrets

An accidentally CC’d email leads to a shocking revelation

Early Uber investors put the company on blast for its response to harassment scandal

Lyft announces huge Midwest expansion, launching in 54 cities and four new states

Uber tells users deleting their accounts that it’s ‘deeply hurting’ after sexism allegations

Here’s Arianna Huffington’s memo to Uber employees about the investigation she’s helping lead

Uber employees say all-hands meeting about sexism allegations was ‘honest, raw, and emotional’

Uber’s self-driving cars are now picking up passengers in Arizona

Uber’s review of sexism allegations will be run by Eric Holder and some Uber employees

#DeleteUber is making a comeback after ex-engineer’s allegations of rampant sexism

Former engineer says Uber is a nightmare of sexism

Thousands of self-driving Chevy Bolts could hit the road next year

Uber’s public Q&A with drivers was a disaster

Uber now has mapping cars on five continents in its bid to overtake Google Maps

Google Maps engineer who pioneered Street View is now working for Lyft

Luc Vincent, your Lyft is arriving

Uber’s self-driving trucks may also be violating California law: report

Uber sues Seattle over law allowing drivers to unionize

Uber hires NASA veteran to help it figure out flying cars

#DeleteUber reportedly led 200,000 people to delete their accounts

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick tells employees he’s quitting Trump advisory council

Uber teams up with Mercedes-Benz’s parent company on self-driving cars

Lyft surpasses Uber in app downloads for the first time ever

Uber appears to be interest-targeting Facebook ads to people who like the ACLU