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These orchestral video game album covers may be the greatest achievement in visual arts

Drake’s More Life shatters streaming records with 89.9 million streams on Apple Music in 24 hours

Drake’s More Life has already broken two Spotify records

Is Drake's new ‘playlist’ an evolution of music or just flashy marketing?

Drake’s latest project, More Life, is now streaming everywhere

This new digital music store could change the way we pay artists

One Video: Rush by Starrah

Chance the Rapper says Apple Music paid him $500,000 to exclusively release Coloring Book

Spotify will restrict some albums to its paid tier

Kesha is done making internet trolls her ‘higher power’

Instagram’s most-followed user doesn’t like Instagram

Sony’s Motion Sonic wristband lets your dance moves manipulate music

Spotify will only let you listen to this song if it’s raining

Pandora Premium: the original music streaming giant is ready for prime time

The Weeknd’s new collaboration with Daft Punk is a glorious throwback to 1980s VHS sci-fi

One Video: iSpy by Kyle ft. Lil Yachty

YouTube's new documentary follows a musician making art with the sounds of Iceland

After artist backlash, SXSW will remove controversial immigration clause in 2018 contracts

Musicians balk at SXSW contract that warns visiting artists about deportation

Lorde is back

SoundCloud’s new $5 a month service has the best features for half the price

Migos’ Deadz is another good mansion party rap video

Online witches recruit Lana Del Rey to put a spell on Donald Trump, maybe

Frank Ocean resurfaces to launch Beats 1 radio show, pretty cool Friday

The 112-track Bob’s Burgers album will be out in May

Radiohead’s saddest song is True Love Waits, according to data analysis

Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson are caught in a pop music cold war

Lana Del Rey’s new video is a love story set in outer space

This music video is absurd to watch, forward and backward

Listen to a previously unreleased Weird Al Beatles parody, Pac-Man

The viral mash-up machine isn’t magic, but that doesn’t spoil its fun

Golf is cool now, thanks to Rae Sremmurd’s video for Swang