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Sesame Street's new Muppet with autism is part of the show's bigger, empathic agenda

This hack turns an Apple Watch into a mostly working Game Boy Color

Lewis Tan and the awkward case of what Iron Fist could have been

These orchestral video game album covers may be the greatest achievement in visual arts

Show Notes: My nightmare is called Apple iMessage Stories

Netflix loved net neutrality before it got rich

China is fighting toilet paper thieves with facial recognition software

Drake’s More Life has already broken two Spotify records

Wireless providers argue your web history isn’t ‘sensitive’ and they should be able to sell it

The best part of Iron Fist is the character exhausted with Iron Fist

A major Middle Eastern airline just banned the use of electronics after the US voiced security ‘concerns’

How do you make a parrot laugh? It helps if another parrot laughs, too

Is Drake's new ‘playlist’ an evolution of music or just flashy marketing?

Ask Google Home to run a Square transaction with this elaborate hack

Xbox Live will soon allow custom profile pics

Microsoft's new tool helps you easily migrate your stuff from Mac to Surface

AT&T is bundling free HBO with DirecTV Now’s most expensive channel bundles

BBC America is bringing Top Gear to the US again

Instagram now lets you save live videos

Just like Facebook Live and Periscope

Google Maps is getting useful parking reminders

Guess is releasing a collection of ugly smartwatches later this year

ZTE’s Quartz smartwatch has tick marks and lacks NFC

FBI confirms investigation into possible Russian ties to Trump campaign

Liquid batteries could one day cool your processor while powering it

AccuWeather’s VR app is like dystopian design fiction

HTC’s ‘surprise’ announcement is the sapphire edition U Ultra we already knew about

Apple is exploring a bunch of AR features for the next iPhone, says Bloomberg

Zelda-inspired hack lets you control your smart home with an ocarina

Jeff Bezos looks a little too happy piloting a giant mechanical robot

Qualcomm’s new mobile platform brings 4G to feature phones

YouTube apologizes for hiding LGBTQ users’ videos in its Restricted Mode

Standby is a brilliant buddy cop drama told in under five minutes

Sometimes less is more

Uber president Jeff Jones is quitting, citing differences over ‘beliefs and approach to leadership’

Amazon’s pilot for Oasis raises more questions than it answers

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

The Belko Experiment edges up to horror-satire, but settles for splatter

The Dodge Demon hype machine is fueled by online enthusiasts

How to be human

The cannibal movie Raw is an incredible coming-of-age film, and if you say you fainted you’re lying

Dolby Labs is using biosensors to learn how we’re reacting to movies and shows