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Cinema isn’t just about the latest Disney/Pixar project or Star Wars spin-off. Memorable storytelling is happening all over the film industry, from Hollywood’s box-office-busting superhero smashes to small, innovative indie experiments. The Verge’s film section is here to help you sort through the latest Hollywood news and reviews, from favorite genres like sci-fi, fantasy, and horror to the independent movies that matter.

Standby is a brilliant buddy cop drama told in under five minutes

The Belko Experiment edges up to horror-satire, but settles for splatter

The cannibal movie Raw is an incredible coming-of-age film, and if you say you fainted you’re lying

A Venom movie could work if Spider-Man is the villain

The Beauty and the Beast remake is a long series of wasted opportunities

In 2010, The Social Network was searing — now it looks quaint

Spider-Man villain Venom will get his own movie in October next year

Netflix is ditching five-star ratings in favor of a thumbs-up

The Matrix universe should be expanded, not remade

The co-writer of WarGames says he didn’t anticipate the dark side of hacking

Where are the Rogue One deleted scenes?

Logan’s makeup designer on creating the film’s gory violence: ‘The restraints were off’

Watch the first teaser for Pixar's Coco, the studio's only non-sequel this year

The Matrix is reportedly getting a reboot

Belle is Bad and Boujee in this Beauty and the Beast parody

Netflix is funding the unfinished Orson Welles movie that raised $400,000 on Indiegogo

The Disaster Artist is a hilarious biopic about the making of The Room

Atomic Blonde is a good movie improved by an exceptional soundtrack

Atomic Blonde cements Charlize Theron as an action star

Ghost in the Shell's latest critic: its own viral marketing tool

Baby Driver is the ultimate expression of Edgar Wright’s madcap creative genius

The new Pennywise terrified the young cast of Stephen King’s IT reboot

The first trailer for Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver promises plenty of fun car chases

A short film gets to the heart of being targeted by an internet mob

Journey to Themyscira in the latest Wonder Woman trailer

Alien: Covenant changes everything we know about cinema’s most terrifying monster

11 new trailers you should watch this week

Ryan Gosling’s Neil Armstrong biopic will land on October 12th, 2018

Legendary assembles Godzilla vs. Kong writers room to guide its cinematic universe

A cheap Rogue One escape room reveals the potential of Star Wars Land

The original Ghost in the Shell cast will return to dub the live-action movie in Japanese

Atomic Blonde's trailer shows Charlize Theron going full John Wick