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French hoverboard inventor banned from flying in France

Gogoro is dramatically expanding its electric scooter-sharing program in Berlin

The Moar is the electric bike Michael Bay would design

The Volta is an e-bike with all the trimmings

The Volata 1c is a slightly cheaper smart bike

Morgan made a tiny three-wheeled EV for kids that costs $10,000

VanMoof's new bike-hunting team is chasing down stolen bikes across Europe

Inboard M1 review: high speed (and high priced) fun

The original hoverboard maker is back with another weird self-balancing scooter

Yuneec E-Go2 review: an extremely reasonable electric skateboard

Hyundai was infuriatingly vague about this cool new foldable electric scooter

URB-E’s new electric vehicle can charge all your devices at once

Swagtron's new electric surfboard lets you cruise lakes at 15 miles per hour

The new Onewheel+ is faster, quieter, and easier to ride

LeEco’s new Android-powered smart bikes are coming to the US

In 2017 cars are at the frontier of technology

2017 will be an important year for personal electric vehicles of all sizes

Boosted asks regulators to help handle its smoking electric skateboard problem

Boosted tells people to stop riding its electric skateboards after battery malfunctions

Mophie's co-founder made a crazy smartphone-connected scooter

The new Greyp G12H electric bike goes up to 150 miles on a single charge

To reduce shipping damages, a Dutch bike company printed a television on their boxes

Swagtron now makes (cheap) electric skateboards and scooters

The new Boosted board makes a great ride even better

Gogoro starts an electric scooter-sharing program in Berlin

A defense tech firm is buying the company behind the jet-powered hoverboard

The ArcaMini is a square electric skateboard that nobody asked for

Lectro is the newest affordable e-bike to hit the streets

Lewis Hamilton and Justin Bieber rode $15,000 motorized surfboards together

VanMoof's connected bikes are easy to ride and hard to lose

The world's first 3D-printed motorcycle will cost you €50,000

Boosted's new electric skateboards are water-resistant and have longer range options