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A major Middle Eastern airline just banned the use of electronics after the US voiced security ‘concerns’

World’s first rideable hoverbike looks cool as hell but will probably kill you

Airlines ask Trump to modernize the air traffic control system

Airlines respond to immigration executive order

TSA Precheck signs 11 more airlines, and if you fly you should have it

American Airlines ditching in-seat video screens in new 737 aircraft

Will 2017 be the year we hail a flying Uber?

This crazy airliner concept lets airlines easily mix and match seating configurations

Trump’s Boeing beef ignores the high costs of building a plane that can withstand a nuclear blast

This tiny supersonic jet could be the next generation Concorde

No-fly zone implemented around Trump Tower in NYC

Of course Uber is working on a flying car project

Delta's new app lets you track your bag from airplane to airport

UK approves third runway for London's Heathrow, Europe's busiest airport

Airbus has a secret flying-car project called Vahana

Samsung will tell Note 7 owners of flight ban via text message

The Galaxy Note 7 will be banned from all US airline flights

This Twitter bot is tracking dictators' flights in and out of Geneva

FAA reiterates warning that no Galaxy Note 7 phones may be turned on or charged in flight

US regulators open investigation into replacement Note 7 that caught fire

Replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone catches fire on Southwest plane

The first commercial flight between the US and Cuba in over 50 years just landed

Delta flights delayed worldwide due to computer outage

A skydiver jumped out of a plane at 25,000 feet without parachute — and survived

Solar Impulse 2 completes round-the-world trip on Sun power alone

The world’s largest amphibious airplane was just unveiled in China

This awesome plane-train hybrid could revolutionize transportation, but not for another 50 years

Solar Impulse 2 completes first ever solar-powered Atlantic flight

United's new business class seats solve the second biggest problem with business class

Boeing wants in on the solar airplane craze

The US just approved six airlines to begin flying to Cuba

Jets from the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels crash on same day