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Super Mario Run is coming to Android on March 23rd

The game will also be updated for iOS users

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Netflix courts controversy by enlisting legendary Asian gamers to help promote Iron Fist

When your child’s favorite YouTube celebrity is a secret racist

Microsoft is adding game chat transcription to Xbox One and Windows 10

This adorable robot chicken turns my favorite time killer into a productivity game

New Capcom bundle brings back classic Disney games like DuckTales and Rescue Rangers

Life is like a hurricane

Popular Xbox One controller charging station recalled over burn hazard

Nintendo Switch’s secret browser has a flaw that could lead to a jailbreak

The Nintendo Switch could be the perfect indie machine

Sony’s PlayStation Now service will stream PS4 games to your PC later this year

Wizards of the Coast is releasing an official app to support your D&D campaign

Euclidean Lands is a clever iPhone strategy game crossed with a Rubik’s Cube

A chat with the directors of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Watch Zelda’s directors explain in detail how they designed Breath of the Wild

John Carmack is suing ZeniMax for $22.5 million and I just want everyone to be friends

The Sexy Brutale is a nightmarish game version of Groundhog Day

Sonic Mania’s Green Hill Zone level is a hi-def remix of the original

Twitch is getting its own desktop app

The new Reservoir Dogs video game is like Hotline Miami with time travel

And it looks like a dating sim

Here’s what’s new in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Nier: Automata is strange, thrilling, and totally worth your time

The studio behind Rock Band is making a musical mash-up card game

Fantasy board game Dragoon is getting even better with a new expansion

Telltale unveils the first look at its upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy game

My favorite Breath of the Wild moment condenses the entire game to a single island

The secret best Nintendo Switch feature is its lack of region-locking

Destiny is bringing back its old raids to usher in the end of the original game